Gira Mundo

The way of the winds among the quadrant of the earth of the Kalunga

He is called by the tenth key of Enoch.

Coraxo chis cormp od blans Liucal aziazor paeb soba lilonon chis virq op eophan od salbrox cynixir faboan U nal chis Coust ds saox co casg ol oanio yor eors vohim gizyax od math cocasg plo si molui ds pa ge ip larag om droln matorb cocasb emna L patralx yolci math nomig momons olora gnay angelard Ohio ohio ohio ohio ohio ohio noib ohio caosgon Bagle madrid i zirop chiso drilpa Niiso crip ip nidali.

Phonetic Translation

Coraxo cahisa coremepe, od belanusa Lucala azodia-zodore paebe Soba iisononu cahisa uirequo OPE copehanu od racalire maasi bajile caosagi; das yalaponu dosiji od basajime; od ox ex dazodisa siatarisa od salaberoxa cynuxire faboanu. Vaunala cahisa conusata das DAOX cocasa ol Oanio yore vohima ol jizodyzoda od eoresa cocasaji pelosi molui das pajeipe, laraji same darolanu matorebe cocasaji emena. El pataralaxa yolaci matabe nomiji mononusa olora jinayo anujelareda. Ohyo! ohyo! ohyo! ohyo! ohyo! ohyo! noibe Ohyo! caosagonu! Bajile madarida i zodirope cahiso darisapa! NIISO! caripe ipe nidali!

Modern English Translation

The Thunders of Judgment and Wrath are numbered and are harboured in the North in the likeness of an oak, whose branches are Nests 22 of Lamentation and Weeping laid up for the earth, which burn night and day: and vomit out the heads of scorpions and live sulphur mingled with poison. These are the Thunders that 5678 times in ye 24th part of a moment roar, with a hundred mighty earthquakes and a thousand times as many surges, which rest not nor know any echoing time between. One rock brings forth 1000, even as the heart of man does his thoughts. Wo, Wo, Wo, Wo, Wo, Wo, yea Wo be to the earth! For her iniquity is, was and shall be great! Come away: but not your noises.