The life of the earth among the quadrant of the air of the Kalunga

He is called by the fourteenth key of Enoch.

Noromi bagie pasbs oiad ds trint mirc ol thil dods tolham caosgo Ho min ds brin oroch Quar Micma bial oiad a is ro tox dsi vm aai Baltim ZACAR od ZAMRAN odo cicle Qaa, zorge, lap zirdo noco MAD, hoath Iaida.

Phonetic Translation

Noroni bajihie pasahasa Oiada! das tarinuta mireca OL tahila dodasa tolahame caosago Homida: das berinu orocahe QUARE: Micama! Bial’ Oiad; aisaro toxa das ivame aai Balatima. Zodacare od Zodameranu! Odo cicale Qaa! Zodoreje, lape zodiredo Noco Mada, hoathahe I A I D A.

Modern English Translation

O you sons of fury, the daughters of the lust, which sit upon 24 seats, vexing all creatures of the earth with age, which have under you 1636: behold the Voice of God, the promise of him which is called amongst you Fire or Extreme Justice. Move and show yourselves: open the Mysteries of your Creation: be friendly unto me: for I am the servant of the same your God, the true worshipper of the Highest.