Second, the water among the quadrant of the flames of the Kalunga

He is called by the eighth key of Enoch.

Bazmelo i ta pi ripson oln Na za vabh ox casarmg vran Chis vgeg dsa bramig bal to ha goho i ad solamian trian ta lol cis A ba i uo nin od a zi agi er rior Ir gil chis da ds pa a ox bufd Caosgo ds chis odi puran teloah cacrg isalman loncho od Vouina carbaf Niiso Bagle auauaga gohon Niiso bagle momao siaion od mabza Iad o i as mo mar poilp Niis ZAMRAN ci a o fi caosgo od bliors od corsi ta a bra mig.

Phonetic Translation

Bazodemelo i ta pi-ripesonu olanu Na-zodavabebe OX. Casaremeji varanu cahisa vaugeji asa berameji balatoha: goho IAD. Soba miame tarianu ta Iolacis Abaivoninu od azodiajiere riore. Irejila cahisa da das pa-aox busada Caosago, das cahisa od ipuranu telocahe cacureji oisalamahe lonucaho od Vovina carebafe? NIISO! bagile avavago hohon. NIISO! bagile momao siaionu, od mabezoda IAD oi asa-momare poilape. NIIASA! Zodameranu ciaosi caosago od belioresa od coresi ta a beramiji.

Modern English Translation

The Midday, the first, is as the third heaven made of Hyacinth Pillars 26: in whom the Elders are become strong which I have prepared for my own righteousness says the Lord: whose long continuance shall be as bucklers to the stooping Dragon and like unto the harvest of a Widow. How many are there which remain in the glory of the earth, which are, and shall not see death, until this house fall and the Dragon sink? Come away, for the Thunders have spoken: Come away, for the Crowns of the Temple and the coat of him that is, was, and shall be crowned, are divided. Come, appear to the terror of the earth and to our comfort and of such as are prepared.